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Match protocol rtcp
Match protocol rtcp

Match protocol rtcp

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protocol rtcp match

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P, Padding. 509, BRS has no RTP stream matching the requested SSRC, [RFC6285]. 510, RAMS The data transport is augmented by a control protocol (RTCP) to allow monitoring .. AFAIK, the "match protocol rtp audio" will only pick up the RTP portion which is where most traffic match protocol secure-pop3 match protocol smtp match protocol tftp class-map match-any SDMSignal-Ethernet0 match protocol h323 match protocol rtcp Jul 2, 2014 - Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) Parameters. Its basic functionality and packet structure is defined in RFC One is RTP and the other is RTCP (control). Jan 6, 2007 - Control: Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) ? It would then make sense that if you use "match protocol rtp audio" you would also"match protocol sip" has no any match with Polycom HDX SIP 8 Jan 2013RTP RTCP Firewalling | Firewalling12 Dec 2012RTP vrs RTCP for QoS purposes | IP Telephony6 Jan 2007AutoQoS configuration | WAN, Routing and Switching13 May 2006More results from, RTP Control Protocol - Network .. Last Updated: 2014-07- 72-76, Reserved for RTCP conflict avoidance, [RFC3551] .. 2 bits. 1 bit. RTP and RTCP Packet Formats and Protocol Behavior 6 2.1. starts but, obviously, this boundary matches the upper bound of the Early RTCP moderate to match the capacity of the receiver or to adapt to network congestion. If set, this RTCP packet contains some Why did the router match on RTCP and add it to the LLQ-Priority so you can simply use "match protocol rtp audio" and "match protocol rtcp" class-map match-all RTCP > match protocol rtcp > ! > class-map match-all RTP-VOICE > match protocol rtp audio > ! > > But the signaling, i The RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) is a sister protocol of the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP). The version of RTP which is the same in RTCP packets as in RTP data packets.
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